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Stunning custom LED neon signs

Looking for something that is going to truly invigorate your space? For a piece that will embolden the room whilst looking stunning within its own aesthetic? Something that will magnify the room’s beauty, and take the space to new heights of vibrancy?

If so, then our incredibly, highly personalised neon signs are exactly what you’re looking for and nothing less. The Funky Neon team of signage professionals have been producing beautiful custom neon LED signs for years, and have a special talent for creating designs that are bold, fresh and highly exciting to gaze upon. We have signage for any occasion, so don’t hesitate to ask how we can take your space to such galactic levels of visionary indulgence.

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Personalised Neon Signs For Any Occasion

The Funky Neon team is here to help anyone who finds themselves saying, “I want to create my own neon sign”. This means it doesn’t matter the occasion – we will get it done for you without any dramas. Weddings, restaurants, new stores, birthday parties and work events are our specialties, with a team who has the skills and experience to produce across a range of style and design objectives.

We know you want your custom made neon sign to be perfect, and our experts are here to ensure that happens with every design we produce. So, we work closely with you along the way, discussing your objectives and ensuring that you are truly happy with the product you receive.


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