Importance of neon signage especially for motels and smaller hotels

No matter what kind of business you have, the key to success is getting noticed and establishing a strong and memorable brand presence. People have to be aware of your business if you are going to thrive. For motels and hotels, where every guest counts, one often-overlooked but highly effective tool is neon signage. These vibrant, glowing signs don’t just light up the night; they help bring in guests, make the place stand out, and create a friendly vibe.

It’s About the Internet Isn’t It?

Some would contest this. They would tell you that the number one way for a hotel or motel to get noticed is through its presence on the Internet. It is true hotel and vacation booking sites where a hotel is likely to get most of its bookings. It is true that this helps many hotels to do quite well, but there are still many who are looking for a hotel room while traveling who may not have the opportunity to use a booking app or who simply want to find a hotel quickly. This is where the neon signage can really make you stand out!

5 Reasons Why Neon Signs are Effective Marketing Tools, Especially for Hospitality Business


The Claremeont Hotel


1. Eye-Catching Appeal:

Neon signs are naturally attention-grabbing. Their vibrant colors and distinctive glow stand out against the backdrop of more traditional signage. For motels and smaller hotels that may not have the expansive advertising budgets of larger chains, the ability to catch the eye of potential guests is crucial. A well-designed neon sign can act as a beacon, drawing in weary travelers and making a lasting impression.

2. Distinctive Branding:

In an industry where differentiation is key, establishing a unique brand identity is vital. Neon signage offers a versatile and customisable way for motels and smaller hotels to distinguish themselves. Whether it’s a quirky logo, a catchy tagline, or a specific color scheme, neon signs allow for creative expression that resonates with guests. This distinctive branding helps these establishments stand out in the minds of travelers and encourages brand recall when planning future stays.

The Hampden Hotel


3. Creating a Memorable Atmosphere:

The ambiance of a motel or smaller hotel is often what sets it apart from larger, more impersonal accommodations. Neon signage, with its warm and inviting glow, contributes significantly to creating a memorable atmosphere. Whether it’s the welcoming entrance, the glow of room numbers, or themed signs around the property, neon lights evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm. This atmospheric enhancement can be a powerful factor in guest satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Navigational Aid:

For motels and smaller hotels that might not have sprawling layouts, neon signs serve a practical purpose as navigational aids. Clearly visible and easy to locate, these signs guide guests to key areas such as the lobby, rooms, and amenities. This functionality not only enhances the guest experience but also adds an element of convenience that is often appreciated, especially by weary travelers arriving late at night.

The Hampden Hotel


5. Cost-Effective Marketing:

Compared to other forms of advertising, neon signage is a cost-effective marketing tool. Once installed, these signs require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan, making them a wise investment for smaller establishments with budget constraints. The visual impact and durability of neon signs ensure a continuous return on investment as they continue to attract guests over time.

In small hotels and motels, where making guests feel special is important, neon signs are really crucial. They do more than just light things up; they help people remember the hotel, make a nice atmosphere, and show guests where to go. For smaller hotels trying to stand out in a tough business, using neon signs is a smart choice that can help them succeed.

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