Great neon signage ideas & tips for your business

We all know that neon signs are a great way to attract the attention of customers and patrons. Because of invisibility, especially at night, it ensures that people are aware that you are open and that you have something that may interest them.

However, business owners and executives are often narrowminded when it comes to ideas related to signs. They tend to think with a very narrow vision of how these signs can be used when there are some creative ideas that can really draw people’s attention to your business. The skies are the limit when you have the right neon sign designer and creator working for you. Here are some custom neon signs ideas.

Say Something Simple

If you asked people to identify the neon sign that they see most often, you are likely to hear one word – Open. This is the most common use for a neon sign, to let people know that the establishment is open, and they are able to come inside.
The one-word sign is a quick and easy way to catch people’s attention. Consider that you may have people driving by your establishment, so they do not have time or the ability to read eight or 10 words. One or two, maybe three words at most is all they can see. So, keep your sign simple with a word or two that really will identify you and give them a reason to come to your establishment.
If you have one signature product, that would be a great word or two to display. Maybe it is “Best Coffee,” or bar neon signs can say “Cold Beer on Tap.” These are the kinds of things that people will want to check out. Take it another step by putting the word inside an arrow pointing toward your business.

best coffee neon sign

Be Flirty

A clever way to get people’s attention is by starting a dialogue with them. Now, that may seem difficult to do with a neon sign, but it is easier than you may think. We have seen businesses such as cafes with signage such as “Hey Baby,” or “Come in Honey.” A little flirtation in your singage is a clever way to let people know you are a friendly establishment and one that they should stop in.

Have a Great Logo

Your business logo is super important! Do you have a business where logos or icons related to that business are recognizable to patrons? If so, then that makes for the perfect neon sign. For example, if you have a restaurant that serves spectacular chicken, have a neon sign of a chicken made. If you are a tropical bar, show a palm tree. If you have a tire business, have a neon sign made that looks like a tire is rotating.

Signage is Important

Neon signage can make your business stand out from the crowd. These kinds of clever designs are easily recognizable and distinguishable by customers. They identify the logo or symbol with the establishment itself. Just like when you see a neon Red Cross you know there is a hospital or medical clinic, having a palm tree up will tell somebody that your establishment is related to tropical drinks, food, or both.

What you can see is that it does not take an enormously creative vision to create great neon signs that will draw people to your business. Keep it simple and clever and you can increase your business. It is a great investment and a fun way to draw the attention of customers.

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